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We increased our online rating by half a star and NPS by 25 points within four weeks of using Sentiment Search.


Director of Operations, The Real Greek (UK)
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Sentiment Search has helped transform the way we track our guest sentiment and how it informs the business for future development.


Head of Marketing, Turtle Bay (UK)
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Sentiment Search provides actionable intel, easy for teams to use and adopt.


Director of Operations, Maine (UAE & UK)
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We've been able to take the data and use it to make educated decisions on improvements we can make and know what our strengths are!


Director of Marketing, Red Mesa Restaurant Group (US)

Benchmark every aspect of your business against competitors

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Benchmark Every Category & Subcategory

  • How does customer sentiment vary at every step of service?
  • What is your most talked about dish?
  • How do customers feel about your cleanliness standards?
  • Has the new GM improved customer loyalty?

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City-Wide Insights

  • Why does your competitor have a higher Google rating?
  • How does your vegan menu rank across the city?
  • Which dishes are trending in your area?
  • What is your overall brand NPS versus your competition?

Data-driven operational excellence for hospitality

Day-to-Day Insights

Provide GMs with a daily list of insights that highlight the areas of concern, identify issues with food, benchmark every step of service, identify critical comments that need damage control and benchmark weekly performance against local competitors.

Macro Insights

Provide higher levels of management with an overall snapshot of your brand and identify underperforming venues. Get industry-specialised trends and track the shift in sentiment after staff changes, menu changes and refurbishments.

Brand Comparison

Benchmark competitor brands against your brand and compare overall NPS, customer loyalty, sentiment (down to a particular dish), review volume, review reply rates and overall ratings.

Predict your online ratings based on your actions

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Negative Impact by Category

Identify the negative impact each category has on your online ratings.

Projected Rating Increase

Prioritise actions based on the potential impact on your online ratings and customer experience.

Projected Revenue Increase

Identify the potential revenue increase as a result of your actions or fixes.

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One consolidated platform to improve your ratings

Track Every Source

Aggregate reviews and posts from every review, social and delivery platform.

Specialised Insights

Get review insights specialised for hospitality and improve online ratings.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alerts as soon as negative reviews are posted.

Collect Feedback

Collect feedback and contact details using customisable and branded forms.

Unmatched Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmark every aspect of your business with competitors in unprecedented detail.

Respond to Reviews

Respond to reviews on major platforms from one dashboard. Set up automated replies.

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