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Quantify Your Feedback and Pinpoint Weaknesses

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Prioritise Fixes and Quantify Their Potential Impact

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Data Driven Decisions, Improve Ratings

Complete Coverage

Track every review and social platform across the Internet from one dashboard.

Improve Ratings

Pinpoint your weaknesses on a venue, region and brand level and understand how to improve ratings.

Ratings Projector

Quantify the impact of negative reviews and quantify the impact of making specific fixes.

Identify Underperforming Venues

Understand why certain venues are underperforming.

Minimise Damage

Identify every critical comment about your brand and take action to improve NPS.

Improve Staff Performance

Identify employees that are highly rated and employees that customers are complaining about.

Track Cleanliness

Ensure customers feel safe and are satisfied with your covid measures.

Optimise Menus

Get the sentiment for every dish and drink relative to competitors.

Benchmark Competitors

Make in-depth comparisons with competitors and pinpont areas that need attention.

Analyse City-Wide Trends

Identify trending dishes and venues in your city and create relevant marketing campaigns.

Collect Feedback

Collect feedback and contact details using customised forms.

Respond to Reviews

Respond to reviews on major platforms from one dashboard. Set up automated replies.

Benchmark Every Category & Subcategory

  • How friendly is your staff versus the competition?
  • What is your most talked about dish?
  • How do customers feel about your cleanliness standards?
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an image of our dashboard

Sentiment Over Time

Track sentiment and feedback volume for every category over the last year. Compare your performance pre-lockdown and post-lockdown.

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City-Wide Insights

  • How does your vegan menu rank across the city?
  • Which dishes are trending in your area?
  • Which competitors have increasing social media activity and why?
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Delivery / Takeout Feedback

Send bespoke surveys to delivery / takeout customers via SMS, email and QR codes. See the insights in real-time on our dashboard.

Why Sentiment Search?

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Industry Specialist

A user experience tailored for restaurants and used by a number of premium brands, including two Michelin-star restaurants.

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AI Accuracy

Our sentiment analysis algorithm has an unmatched accuracy of 92% for the restaurant industry.

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Funded by Techstars

One of ten companies from across the world that have been funded by Techstars purely due to the quality of our insights.

Meet The Team

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Prithvi Dhanda

Founder & CEO
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Ashley Williams

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Jorge Brasil

Data Scientist
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Martin Olczyk

Advisor (Director - Techstars)

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